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Nothin' to say about me. I'm sorta an artist, but I lack the confidence to do any real voice work and my drawing skill is... ....alright... Been wanting to do Flash things for +10 years now and I've yet to make anything. Hopefully I can change that soon.

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Posted by Caevari - March 9th, 2019

I had dumb computer bullshit and family issues plaguing me, but now my biggest enemy is laziness and getting out of my funk. Here's hoping I get more than one thing posted on here and not going silent for a couple years.

Posted by Caevari - December 13th, 2014

This year sucked.  Bullshit happened, bad things happened, things broke, family issues, and over all moop piled on top of a giant mound of lazy.  On top of that, this year went by too quickly.  Maybe next year after the move into the new place, I'll do something.  Even if a lot of dumb junk for fun.  Or maybe I'll become a three hundred pound glob of tar-like gunk and complain that I don't have any zebra cakes to go with my tea I don't know anymore~

Posted by Caevari - February 5th, 2014

Year started off wonky.  Sickness, laziness, and other problems pushed me over. Awesome start of the year for getting back into things!  *melts*

Posted by Caevari - May 24th, 2012

This whole month has had a really crappy pattern; I'd get barely any sleep, sleep a whole day just about to catch up, then fall back into this feeling of not being able to go to sleep. My free time? Almost all of it wants to do nothing at all. Not even play any kind of games. Sad thing is I wanted to make this month more productive and draw things, maybe do some practice things in Flash so I don't loose what little grasp I have on it, but yeeeeah... Basically, I WANT to draw or animate, but I can't start at all. It's like...I want to change the channel on the TV but the remote is over on the couch. And there's a fat polar bear laying on it. Stupid polar bear.... always gotta ruin my day/week/month....

Posted by Caevari - June 17th, 2011

I used to have an account on here for the longest time and fell away from this place for a few years, eventually forgetting my log-in name/password (or maybe it was killed due to lack of inactivity?). I poked around in flash and made a couple things. ....nothing....good, but still a couple things. Trying to get the hang of making music/sounds work and scene placement. I USED to know how to do that stuff, but after having two computers brick on me, four moves to different cities/states, and having Flash rebel and either refuse to save or would just crash, I didn't retain any of the information I learned. ....also lost my tutorials I found and saved from various places thanks to my hard drive(s) erasing themselves or deleting things =C

If technology wasn't a cruel bitch and I wasn't so lazy, I would have had some things up on here by now. ...maybe back on my first account, where ever you are~

I'll get SOMETHING on here eventually...